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sorry guys no clock flashes from me this year

2017-08-15 16:59:02 by Doctor-Gordon

are we still cool


my Camel Adventure Flash

2017-07-10 18:44:50 by Doctor-Gordon

I'm still kinda proud of this one, maybe should remake it or/and make another similar one...


fucking flash sound

2017-07-07 16:20:57 by Doctor-Gordon

I use flash since 2006 and yet still sometimes the music starts playing before it's supposed to play even after all those anal years it's still not fixed fucking garbage.1626415_149945884331_n.jpg

Happy New Year

2017-01-06 16:31:13 by Doctor-Gordon

I have sadly nothing else to say so there's a depressive picture just for you 1626415_148373823461_n.jpg( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

anyone remember Hiii111?

2016-10-14 20:34:34 by Doctor-Gordon

He's being inactive since 2014 and his accounts got deleted some months ago, i wonder what he's doing now since he disappeared suddently without saying goodbye ;-(

Time for a new post

2016-10-13 10:58:41 by Doctor-Gordon

ok so who remember that guy1626415_147637070652_jewgliston.png

happy clockday

2016-08-15 10:36:39 by Doctor-Gordon

i wish you a happy clockday even though no one is going to my page anymore :'(1626415_147127178623_Spielberg_vs_Hitchcock_13.gif

wow hot

2016-07-08 22:55:22 by Doctor-Gordon



2016-06-10 11:49:03 by Doctor-Gordon

Yeah already 10 years since i registered NG, time pass soooooooooooooo fast ;_;