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Doctor-Gordon's News

Posted by Doctor-Gordon - July 5th, 2010

i am the yellow one and you are the grey one! im winning haha!


Posted by Doctor-Gordon - June 26th, 2010

Its the most funny piece of shit i ever seen it almost look real! If you dont laugh you have NO sens of humor, fuck you!

father & son face swapping

Posted by Doctor-Gordon - June 21st, 2010

29th is my b-day, do something for me because im awesome

btw, look like Krazytwat left NG, too bad he promised of a bday gift for me ;_;

My bday in one week

Posted by Doctor-Gordon - June 15th, 2010

Here is some art I made. I had to get the 3D affect to look right.the arm looks messed up because it is close to the edge of the body. And yeah Krazyfaggot stole it too....

Some Art

Posted by Doctor-Gordon - June 9th, 2010

My army will defeat u, crawl 2 my feet!


Hei look at my SUPER KILLER ARMY

Posted by Doctor-Gordon - May 30th, 2010

Make some shit for me

Its my birthday in a month

Posted by Doctor-Gordon - May 15th, 2010

God created the waste
God created the 13 years old boy whiny faggot
God created the douchebag
God created the wannabe cunt
God created the annoying fanboys
God created the retard

And now God created the... i dont find any word to say it...

And this... thing is Krazytwin26

Krazyfaggot is a fucking annoying Madness/ThingThing fanboy, hes also polluting ng with his shitty drawings, he thinks hes already a pro and can defeat all the spammer with his super madness power. If you write something bad about him on his userpage you get banned because this fag cant take critism, he get pissed off and starts spamming your userpage with YOUR own insults (that guy cant make his own insults). Oh and lmao that guy doesnt know the "sarcasm" word heh!He thinks all peoples wants his respect because he thinks hes the best:

May. 14, 2010 | 6:34 PM Krazytwin26 says:

oh go to my page and spam the fggts of newgrounds.if you do i will not be mean to you anymore.
May. 14, 2010 | 7:18 PM hiii111 responds:

Nobody gives two shits about you, so neither do i.

Krazytwin is a faggot, a whinner, a no life, a retard, a wannabe cunt, a dog molester, no one likes you and your madness shit, fuck off.

I bet youll probably spam again my userpage, cmon do it you whiny little boy, you're a faggot.

rant about another faggot

Posted by Doctor-Gordon - May 10th, 2010

Hello there, i think its time for a lil rant about some faggot called Hiii111. We first meet like 4 years ago, at the beginning he was a faggot and today... hes still a faggot and almost 17 =o

-He says the smiley used by my friend , this one ;), is gay and this fag is still using this lame shit <: D and the fucking old angry faic >:(

-For years he acted all like "your youtube poops sucks! you suck at spamming! im better than you at flash!"... Once i tell him about the over 3000 views on my vids, my turd of the week and the number of users with me on their fav author list (over 100) hes all like "NO ONE CARE ABOUT DIS ITS FOR NO LIFE!!!!11"

-That guy doesnt know what "sarcasm" means... One day he was talking about something lame and im answering "no shit sherlock" and hes all like "DO U NO WHAT NO SHIT SHERLOCK MEAN IT MEAN I DIDNT NO IT", when i told him "this joke is 3584978575647 years old" hes all like "WTF THE EARTH WASNT EVEN EXISZTING LOL U DUMB".

-Hes the king of the comeback! "no u", "lolk!", "lmfao"... I remember i started a convo for some fun, i asked him "what are you doing?" he answered "talking to my friends", then i said for the fun "what??? you have friends???" and i got this epic answer :"if i had no friend, why would i go on msn? lol this shit is trying to own me but once again i win!"

-He thinks hes perfect, i remember his fucking blurp about him "many peoples pretended they owned me greatly but it was lies they maybe just owned me a bit or acceptable but many peeps pretended they owned me and as return i owned them greatly!"

-He said like a billion time "kk" but when i say "kk" he starts making drama about this, ugh!

-He never get the point and never make sense, for joking i told him "so i heard you had a dentist job" and then he started to say something like "WTF ITS DENTIST FETISH HAHA U STUPID" i dont rly remember what he said but it was pointless.

-He thinks the dentist is used to be a heaven place, he gave this job a "review" with 3/10. THE DENTIST ISNT USED TO BE HEAVEN ITS USED TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR FUCKING TEETHS.

-He says Fire Emblem sucks, the kevin bacon joke sucks, all the youtube poops sucks, but he finds his mongolitit great...

-He thinks he know everything about me.

-Hes crying because peoples are "critizing" everything he got, and him he told me "your dog is a fucking piece of shit!".

-Even on xbox hes a fag,

Never play with him on this game. Why?

1. He invites you to a super laggy and glitchy game
2. He never stops messaging you
3. He sucks
4. He's a faggot.

Please don't make the same mistake I did


-Hes alwayscaring about the middle pointless detail, i remember dast or marine made a pic of hitler and he just cared about the shitty eyes made with crappily drawn circle.

-Hes always like "WHY DO U BRING OLD TOPICS BACK!?", no one cares about the age of the topic, its still happened and 2 years ago you was the same one as today.

-He thinks buying bloody games and watching adult stuff like south park makes him cool, if he see a parody with any sp char in it hes gogin all like "OMG SOUTH PARK LOL HAHAHAH".

-Hes a stupid fanboy of singers, see his youtube channel>favs

-Last year i made this post and then he started to spam my msn inbox with "ownage" heres an exemple "ur a failure ur a failure ur a failure ur a failure ur a failure ur a failure ur a failure ur a failure ur a failure " oh and he send me this too:

Amazing that you're 17 years old. i'll take a part of that life that would have been better
for you in 3 months. nah not saying my life would please you better.

i'm going to be 16 years old. oh yeah.. amazing 26th may^^.
getting more mature and better looking. UNLIKE you of course.

-He sucks at judging games, he just watching some pics and then he says "it look stupud"

-He never finished any projects, he wasted 4 years with fucking tests? Hes finally working on something serious, i hope hes going to finish it for once.

Well that all for now folks! I may update this later...

Rant about some faggot

Posted by Doctor-Gordon - April 12th, 2010

We all will remember all your awesome flashes and they awesome titles

"sometimes im injecting a pancake to myself! sblaf! FUCK YOU!"


2006 - 2010


Posted by Doctor-Gordon - April 8th, 2010

this made me VERY happy

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