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Posted by Doctor-Gordon - February 13th, 2008

From: omrikomashov
Sent: 02/13/08 10:31
Subject: loved your game - co-operation

Dear Lolmetaknight,

XPOGames.com is a new, gigantic community-website that pledges to dominate the casual gaming world in the near future. XPOGames offers a wide variety of casual games of all genres, for all ages and interests and is sharing revenues with developers like yourself.
We've been advised to contact you by people who've seen your work (on here) and appreciated it. We wanted to offer you to use XPOGames as a platform for your games because we think you have potential to make the next hit in the casual games world, as well as growing revenues from the games you've already developed.

As XPOGames' webmaster, I'd like to personally invite you to create a co-operation and join our site.

So, first things first, we're on the verge of going online. At the moment, we offer a previous version of the website, @ our domain - a kind of playground for our current members, as we verify the development of the new website. Meanwhile, we posted a contest you can enter and get a chance to win a Nintendo Wii(tm) system and/or a console games package worth approx. $1000.

Go check it out @ http://www.xpogames.com/contests/

By the way, if there is anything I can elaborate on, anything I can help you with, don't hesitate to mail me at info@xpogames.com - available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

More info on XPOGames.com:
Down to business, here is what you get:

Revenue Sharing - We equally split (50%-50%) all advertisement profits from the Google AdSense programs on your games' pages with you and we also hold special events/contests where you can win expensive, luxurious prizes and/or cash money as a chosen developer by the website's community.

Exposure - as a developer on our website, you will expose your creations to thousands of casual gamers, everyday. You will also be able to discuss your games with them. XPO will give you the tools to fine-tune your developments in real-time!

Job opportunities - XPOGames.com houses some of the world's leading casual & video gaming companies - checking its content for potential developers to join their ranks. That means - great games can get you a great work place.

As a game developer, XPOGames.com offers you more exposure & profit! Yes, with the amount of contests and our revenue sharing plan, you have endless possibilities to earn much more rating, credit and money for the work you've done.

We will offer you all the tools needed in order to create your game and have it seamlessly flow into our website. Our community also attracts large amounts of casual gamers to play and comment on your games - whether they'll be testing or enjoying a final release. The connection that's built between developers and their fans is down-to-earth and always available. This is extremely useful for you, the developer, as you will be able to receive constructive criticism, ask other developers for help or help others at any given time.

In addition, Our groups system allows you to stack up with other developers/audio-producers/graphic-des igners and form your own development group to create the ultimate game.

I hope this mail clears-up some information you needed to get started and, hopefully, it gave you a perspective about our website and the contest.
Be sure to check out the contest page to get the rest of the info you need.

We'll be launching on March, 2008 so don't forget to visit often, join and start earning.
Don't worry though, once you sign-up for the contest and upload your game, we will make sure to notify you when the new website goes live - So you don't have to jump-in everyyy day :)

Cya on the gamefloor! and thanks in advance,
Omri Komashov
* E-Mail : omri@xpogames.com
* URL : http://www.xpogames.com



You probable know this already but it's spam. I got the same PM and I don't make proper games.

This is spam don't do it ...

This is not a SPAM or a scam....It is a legit new gaming social network I guess something like online games YouTube.

You can check out their home page., they've made several changes in the last few weeks and their about to launch the new site with many Flash games. They're looking for new, great, starting and professional game developers.

They offer Wii as the first contest first price (/ $1000 in cash) so I guess they're going to be a big deal soon.

They've also managed to offer sponsorships for several developers and they have a new business modal for all games developers - combined with Google Adsense program which suppose to be the best online money making program around.

Looking forward 2 March... the Developing section should be opened for invited Flash developers from all over the world.

You should really take the advantage and send them few games...they're growing fast and looking for more and more Flash games developers.

They need it for the new social network, and by the few screen shots I saw...it's going 2 b amazing...no more facebook...:-)

Mmmm.... I've been watching the new site secret screen shots....it's really going 2 b the online games YouTube. Use it or loose it I say...;-)