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Story about me and hiii111.

2007-09-19 14:14:35 by Doctor-Gordon

I was in the portal, i saw a madness tribute called "madness dangerous", the movie wasnt very good but i liked a bit. I reviewed the movie with a 8/10.
And he answered with a pm and the answer was:

i just not remake Madness Dangergrous1

that s a impssible to and take that scene to norman sorry.

i creating Now madness Dangergrous 2

and in it there s a link so people can see

Madness Dangergrous 1

if you want to see a picture of Madness Dangergrous 2
take me to msn!
and files i have hair and eyes i take on madness characters in number 2.

I accepted and added him in my msn and he was quickly online, we speaked, he sent to me some works but i didnt liked it because the quality wasnt very good. Tomorrow, he was online already this morning and i said in my head "Maybe he will be my best friend". The days passed with long conversations about flashes. But he beginned to make me a bit angry with sucky line like "Im better than you!" and "you fat!". I learned he was very hated in and im beginning to hate hm too. The days passed, with more provocation with sucky lines like "French sucks!" (French is my language), "beg for me!" and again "Im better than you!". Every days, there was 1/2 chance he was a fag and hes gone very stupid with sucky jokes. He beginned to make video games sprites flashes, and 9849849596 training movies. And now he made a crew and now ill kill him!. That was the story of me and hiii111!


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2007-09-19 14:28:58

Lol!now he submitted a movie with me in it! /401024


2007-09-20 07:07:07



2007-09-20 09:28:05

Hiii111 is alot better than you at animating and english, Why even hate him?
I don't hate you!


Doctor-Gordon responds:

o must stop you now!